Will staging my home make it sell faster?

Will staging my home make it sell faster?

A huge part of successfully selling your home in a timely manner and for the price you’re hoping for is staging. You need to help potential buyers see themselves living in your home, while also maximizing space and helping the home put its “best foot forward.”


Well-staged homes look great, but do they even help your home sell more quickly?


Here’s what you need to know


What is home staging?


Staging your home is a way of both decorating and marketing the property by showcasing and highlighting its best features, while bringing out the best in its not-so-great features (artificially enlarging smaller rooms, as an example).


Staging doesn’t only take your home into account. Great stagers will also consider similar homes in your area in order to position it in a way that helps it sell more quickly and for a higher price than the others.


Staging practices may include decluttering, which involves the removal of excess furniture, wall art, other decorations, and more personal items (it’s usually preferred that family photos are taken down while selling).


Will my home sell faster if I stage it?


While the Real Estate Staging Association says that staged homes sell 73% faster then unstaged homes, the reality is that it all depends on the market at the time.


In the case of a “seller’s market” where there is high demand for homes but limited supply, even unstaged homes will sell, since buyers (especially desperate ones) will buy whatever they can that suits their needs.


In a buyer’s market, however, were the supply of homes for sale meets or exceed demand, staging will definitely go a long way in helping your home stand out from the competition, helping it sell more quickly than other homes in your area.



Will my home sell for more if I stage it?


The answer to this question is a little more subjective. For one, sale price also depends on the market. In a seller’s market, it just might go for more than in a buyer’s market. But you must also consider the competition, and even the best staging won’t make up for an untidy home in disrepair.


Ensuring that your home is in good condition and then staging it really well will always help your home make a better first impression, while helping it stand out better in the minds of potential buyers while they may be out viewing other homes.


Long story short: Staging your home is not a guaranteed way to make it sell for a higher price, but there is a natural human tendency to believe that “shinier is better.”


Set the stage with great photos


The first step in selling your home is actually attracting potential buyers. Thanks to online listing tools, people don’t start off their search with in-person visits. They’ll view available homes online based on their criteria, and while your home may meet them in terms of bedrooms and bathrooms, drab photos may turn them off.


Start off with excellent photography to set the stage for an excellent in-person visit. Don’t have a fancy DSLR? Your smartphone will do just fine. Or let the Gino Cipriano Team take care of photos for you.




If you have any questions about staging or selling your home, call or text Gino Cipriano today at 204-955-5853 or send us an email. He can provide you with useful tips for staging your home, will take fantastic photos, and ultimately help you sell your home as quickly as possible for the best price possible.