Top 5 Reasons to Move to Winnipeg

Top 5 Reasons to Move to Winnipeg

There are a million things to consider when choosing a new city to move to. Whatever your reasons — family, work, a fresh start — you want to choose a place that fits your lifestyle, fits your budget, and has everything you need to enjoy your life.


If you’ve thought Winnipeg might be the place for you, then you’re probably right! Here are the top five reasons to move here!


Cost of living — you can own a home!


Across Canada, Winnipeg has one of the lowest costs of living you’ll find in a major city. The average price of a home in Winnipeg is roughly $275,000, while in other urban centres, like Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, you’re looking at averages of $600,000+, for the same houses or even smaller!


We also pay some of the lowest gas prices across Canada, and groceries here are inexpensive compared to other cities and provinces. Winnipeg (and Manitoba at large) is a very affordable place to comfortably raise a family without missing out on high-end amenities and experiences.


Big city feel without the commute


Winnipeg is a provincial capital, and it has all of the amenities and features you’d expect from one: NHL franchise, CFL franchise, large parks, plenty of restaurant options, great schools, major retailers, etc.


But you never have to drive more than 20-30 minutes to get anywhere! Yes, traffic during rush hour can be as congested as other cities, but your maximum commute may still only turn into 40 minutes each way.


Compare that to other major cities and you’re looking at daily commutes of an hour to two hours both ways!


Diverse culture


The people in Winnipeg come from all walks of life, from new immigrants to families that have lived here for generations. It’s our diversity that makes us great! So great, in fact, that Winnipeg was designated a Cultural Capital of Canada in 2010.


This extends to the multitude of delicious restaurants you’ll find in Winnipeg, our cultural festivals like Folklorama and Festival du Voyageur, music festivals like Folk Fest and Jazz Fest, and our wonderfully diverse neighbourhoods.


No matter where you’re coming from, there’s a home for you and your family in Winnipeg.


So much to do close by


Manitoba has so much to offer you in terms of recreation. Within two to four hours of Winnipeg, there are endless exploration opportunities, from Riding Mountain National Park to Grand Beach to the Carberry Spirit Sands and even Gimli (home of the world-famous Icelandic Festival!).


With so much to see and do, you’re never at a loss in Winnipeg. The best part is that it’s all affordable. Many events and festivals are free to attend, offering a world of diverse opportunities for your whole family to enjoy.


One of the most diverse economies in Canada


While larger cities may seem desirable for the sheer number of job opportunities, Winnipeggers are spoiled for choice when it comes to careers. We’re an aerospace and manufacturing hub, a major agribusiness centre, and there’s never a shortage of administrative and business opportunities.


Out of the 10 Canadian provinces, Manitoba has the seventh lowest unemployment rate, and we’re consistently below the national average. No matter your career (current or future), you can very likely find the right opportunity in Winnipeg.


Move to Winnipeg!

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