Should I use more than one real estate agent?

Should I use more than one real estate agent?

Whether you’re buying or selling your home, price is always on your mind. You want to sell your home for top dollar and perhaps even make a little money on it over your purchase price. If you’re buying, you want to know that your realtor is actively working to get you the best deal possible.

So that begs the question: Should you be working with multiple realtors?

The answer is a fairly simply “no.” Here’s why.

The MLS is the same for everyone, but…

In Manitoba, all real estate agents have access to the same multiple listings service (MLS). The information they see is the exact same, so no one is hiding prices from other agents and no one is getting “insider” information that other realtors aren’t.

This means that if you’re working with multiple agents, you’ll likely get the exact same information once they know your wants and needs.


The benefit of working with Gino, however, is access to all of his upcoming listings. By working exclusively with Gino, you’ll be able to check out homes that are coming to market, allowing you to evaluate your needs, view, and make offers as soon as possible.


It’s a working relationship

Working with just one real estate agent will allow them to get to know your wants and needs thoroughly. You’ll start to understand each other as people instead of customer and service provider, and your agent will be able to pinpoint issues with homes or desired qualities that are unique to your home buying or selling journey.

What if I’m looking for a home in another city?

While your realtor may not operate in the city you’re moving to or from, they will likely have connections to other excellent agents who can help you in your search or sale.

Gino, for instance, has a wide network of colleagues all across Canada and even in the US who provide the highest quality service and offer invaluable advice.

Why you should work with Gino

In his relatively short career, Gino has been recognized as a top-performing real estate agent multiple years in a row, both at home and at the national level. He has assisted in hundreds of home sales and purchases and provides personalized service, as well as exclusive listings for his clients.


For loyalty, high-quality service, and a sales and buying approach like no other, contact Gino Cipriano today at 204-955-5853. He puts in maximum effort for every single client and can help get you the best price possible, whether you’re buying or selling your home.