How to write the perfect offer letter for a house

How to write the perfect offer letter for a house

Fundamentally, your house is just four walls, a roof, a couple doors, and some windows. But at its core, it’s your home. Our homes are incredibly personal places; they’re where we raise our families, lay our heads at night, create lasting memories, and keep all our earthly possessions.

So it’s only right that many of us might be a bit choosy about who we sell our homes to. We want the buyers to love them just as much as we do. So if you’re looking to buy a home and are writing an offer letter, here are a few things to consider.


Show genuine interest

Sellers want to sell to buyers who really want their homes. While it’s assumed you’ve looked at other homes, your offer letter should let the seller know that this is the home you’ve chosen and that you’ve chosen it for good reasons.

Genuine interest in a home also comes in the form of pre-approval for a mortgage, a considerable deposit, and flexibility regarding possession date. You don’t have to be a pushover by any means, but the more willing you are to work with the seller, the more likely they are to accept your offer over others.


Appeal to emotion

While the sale of a home is a business deal in and of itself, many people feel as though they’re parting with a piece of themselves when they sell their home. Maybe it’s their first home; maybe their children grew up there; the list goes on.

Without going overboard, be sure to make your offer letter “human.” Price is already part of the deal, so steer clear of the numbers and talk about how the home makes you feel, the memories you can’t wait to create, and acknowledge the memories the homeowner has made there.

Oh, and people love being complimented on their home. You’re making an offer for a reason, so let the seller know!


Things to avoid when writing an offer letter

While appealing to a seller’s emotions is important, there’s a relatively fine line to walk regarding the words and phrases you choose. Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

  • Mentioning specific holidays: Not everyone celebrates the same holidays, so saying you can’t wait to celebrate Easter in a home may not be relatable to the seller.
  • Assuming things about the seller: Unless you know them personally, avoid talking about things the seller may have done in the home. Without knowing their situation, you may touch a nerve you didn’t mean to.
  • Mentioning renovations: While you may have big plans to knock out a wall and open up the kitchen, don’t say so in your offer letter. The current owner may love their home the way it is, and the thought of someone changing it could put them off.
  • Mentioning difficulties you’ve had while buying a home: Don’t talk about previous offers that fell through, how hard it’s been to finally obtain financing, the reasons you left your previous home, or anything else that may imply that your offer may not be as strong as others.
  • Appearing desperate: Saying you’d “do anything to get this home” or implying that you need it in a pinch will likely put the seller off the deal.


Keep it short

Think of your offer letter like a nutritionally dense food. It packs loads of goodness into a relatively small serving. Keep your offer letter to a page or less.

Consider if you were selling your home. Would you want to pore over pages and pages of offer letters, or would you prefer each potential buyer keep it short and effective? The key to a great offer letter is packing all the punch in as few words as possible.


Ready to draft up an offer letter?

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