Winnipeg Neighbourhood Showcase: River Heights

We only just touch on Winnipeg’s wonderful neighbourhoods on our Communities page, so we thought this blog would be a great way for you to get to know the areas of the city where you’re considering purchasing a home.


Whether you’re looking for an incredible character home that showcases the rich history of Winnipeg or you’re looking for a budget-friendly bungalow that your family can grow into, you’ll find exactly what you need in Winnipeg’s River Heights neighbourhood.


Here’s what you need to know!


River Heights homes & home prices


River Heights is quite a large area, especially if you include all of the spots that most Winnipeggers would refer to as “River Heights,” and that gives you a lot of options when it comes to homes and prices.


You’ll find enormous, century-old character homes throughout the eastern half of River Heights, and you’ll also find homes built in the 1950s all the way up to new builds throughout the western half, with the prestigious Wellington Crescent capping things off to the north along the Assiniboine River.


As a rule of thumb, homes in the older character portion will be considerably more expensive than those closer to Kenaston Blvd. For homes in great condition, you’re looking at $400,000 and up, while throughout the newer area, you’ll see averages in the low $300,000 range (as of this writing in 2020).


Character homes galore


If you’re looking for a completely unique home that is steeped in history, on a beautiful, tree-lined street, with a large frontage and oodles of space, then look no further than East River Heights and North River Heights. 


While many of the homes are quite large (2,000 sq. ft. and up), you will find the odd smaller bungalow, which may offer a more affordable entry price for the area.


Newer family homes


Much of the western side of River Heights was built throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s, so you’ll find slightly more uniform home options resembling those built in the same era in other parts of the city.


Small, older bungalows can also be found throughout, giving you a range of homes as small at 600 sq. ft. to more family-appropriate options in the 1,200 sq. ft. 


Wellington Crescent


Though Wellington Crescent may not technically be part of River Heights, many Winnipeggers would consider it so. This affluent street (and pseudo-neighbourhood) stretches all the way from Osborne Village to Assiniboine Park and boasts some of the most extravagant and luxurious homes in Winnipeg. 


You’ll find houses built in the early 1900s’, many of which resemble Tudor estates and the “mansions” you’d expect to see in Hollywood movies. Other homes are brand new, with incredibly modern designs and details, including the latest smart technology, sprawling properties, pools, expert landscaping, and so much more.


Homes throughout Wellington Crescent range widely in price, though most start just shy of a million dollars and can reach upwards of $2 million. If you’re looking for a luxury home with incredible features and plenty of space, then this is where you want to be.


What kind of neighbourhood is River Heights?


Primarily extending from Kenaston Blvd. (Route 90) in the west to Cambridge St. in the east, to Taylor Ave. in the south, to Wellington Cres. in the north, River Heights is a family-oriented neighbourhood with several schools, community centres, and plenty of convenient shopping options very close by.


You’ll find mature trees, very walkable streets, and good-sized yards throughout, and there’s a great mix of young families, retirees, and everything in between. 


River Heights schools


With River Heights being as far-reaching as it is, you’ll find numerous schooling options, including French immersion, which are all part of the Winnipeg School Division, Winnipeg’s largest school division. Here are just some of the major schools in the area:


  • Kelvin High School
  • St. Mary’s Academy (private)
  • Queenston School (early years)
  • Oak Street Nursery School
  • River Heights School (middle years)
  • Brock-Corydon School (early years)
  • École Robert H. Smith School (early years)
  • Montrose Elementary School
  • École J.B. Mitchell School (early years)
  • St. John Brebeuf (K-8, private)
  • École Sir William Osler (early years)


River Heights shopping & entertainment 


Being so large, River Heights is near to loads of shopping opportunities. Grocery options include a Real Canadian Superstore right on Kenaston Blvd. at Grant Ave., with the Kenaston Village Mall right across the street, featuring several restaurants, a local butcher, a pet food store, and other grocery options.


Grant Park Shopping Centre


Further east is Grant Park Shopping Centre, which is a full mall, featuring many clothing retailers, a Canadian Tire, movie theatre, Sobeys, Co-op grocery store, and numerous restaurants in and around the mall.


Academy Rd.


Academy Rd., which runs along the north side of River Heights, boasts tons of boutique shopping and services, from estheticians to bespoke jewellery to high-fashion retailers and more. Some of Winnipeg’s best restaurants can be found along Academy Rd., offering numerous nightlife opportunities and gourmet delights to explore.


Seasons of Tuxedo


Just down Kenaston Blvd. is one of Winnipeg’s largest retail areas, with IKEA and the Seasons of Tuxedo outlet mall as mainstays and many other shops and restaurants peppered throughout the area, including an IHOP, Montana’s, Popeye’s Chicken, and other takeout options.


Living in west River Heights also puts you just minutes from everything Kenaston Blvd. has to offer to the south, including many big box retailers.


Want to live in River Heights?


With loads of housing options throughout River Heights or very close by, you have a wide range of choices to fit your family. Call or text Gino today at 204-955-5853 to book your viewings.