List My House For Sale In Winnipeg

2021 turned out to be even more unexpected than many anticipated it to be. You may find yourself asking “Is now the right time to list my house for sale?”

We have put together some important information to consider before listing your house for sale in Winnipeg in the 2022


Now is always the best time to sell

As we all know, we do not know what tomorrow holds. The age old expression “Ask a Real Estate Agent in Winnipeg when to sell and they’ll say NOW” is completely true. In a typical spring market, yes there may be more buyers in the buyer pool, however, there is always more competition in terms of other available homes to tour and purchase at that given time. Whereas a winter market, there is less selection of homes to purchase in Winnipeg so buyers tend to be less picky. Either way, the right time to hire a Realtor in Winnipeg if you are considering is today.


Will Covid affect my sale?

Across Canada and Winnipeg especially, Covid-19 has not affected our market negatively in any way shape or form. It is as strong as ever. As such, we have taken precautions to protect our clients and ourselves as best as possible during these times. Please refer to our previous post on Covid-19 protocol for more information


Are you taking on new home listing for 2022?

We would be thrilled to discuss listing your house for sale in Winnipeg for the 2022 market! Please contact Gino direct at 204-955-5853 to schedule an appointment.